Anthogyr - Safe Remover

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Safe Remover

Manual crown and bridge remover


The Safe Remover crown and bridge remover enables you to successfully carry out crown and bridge removals (single or multiple-unit).

Safe Remover main assets:

  • Comfort and safety: the square rod allows for high stability of the insert on the porcelain (no risk of slipping)


  • New one-click single attachment system (bayonet): fast attachment and hooks will not unscrew


Total length: 142mm
Handle length: 124mm
Max handle diameter: 20mm
Stem diameter: 7mm
Weight: 195gr
Connection: Rotation locking (Normalized mandrel (ISO 1797-1) | Tri-lobe mandrel (owner connection Anthogyr)
Max torque transmissible with the medical device: Tri-lobe tools: 20Ncm | Standard ISO tools: 80Ncm


Reference : 1820A

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Anthogyr - Safe Remover

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