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Intra-Lock company manufactured several technologies, Implant and abutment systems that recorded them in commercial brands.

Intra-Lock implant systems:

- InDex
- Unihex
- One-Piece
- IntraHex
- Gold
- Blossom
- FlatOne


Intra-Lock technologies:






+ Advantages:

  • CaPO4 and TiO2 surface - Ossean
  • Blossom Technology
  • Available different sizes and prosthesis components
  • Osseointegration and fixture-abutment contact in BLOSSOM fixtures
  • Wide range of price


Intra-Lock implant systems

MDL implant system:

Strength, stability and facilitate the surgery

Intra-Lock - MDL

One of the most rewarding and appreciated procedures that can be offered to patients wearing a denture is the ability to enhance retentiveness and stability.This is particularly true of patients who wear lower dentures. Small-diameter MDL Implants are the ideal answer to this stability issue.

MDL implants are available in 2mm and 2.5mm diameters with lengths ranging from 10mm to 18mm featuring the patented Drive-Lock™ technology designed to optimize delivery. In addition, the patented Cement-Over™ Abutment simply fits over the O-Ball assembly, converting the implant from a removable to a fixed prosthetic option. In addition the Cement-Over Abutment includes an orthodontic version.

Intra-Lock’s Mini Drive-Lock implants are the only small diameter implants in the world that have the bioactive OSSEAN surface. and also its 2mm diameter implant has BLOSSOM technology.


  • Ease of placement
  • Minimize soft or hard-tissue trauma
  • Ability to immediately load and provide function



MILO implant system:

Intra-Lock - MILO implant


MILO is Intra-Lock’s one-piece 3.0mm diameter Dental Implant System. it ideal for long-term denture stabilization or fixed prosthetic options. MILO implants are available in five lengths (10, 11.5, 13, 15, and 17mm) and two thread profiles (Fine Pitch and Wide Pitch). MILO’s one-piece design has  far greater strength and fatigue resistance than a 3.75mm standard two-piece implant.

Patented Cement-Over Abutments available in Straight, 15 degree, Wide and Castable designs simply fit over the O-Ball assembly converting the implant from removable to fixed prosthetic options.

Intra lock - milo

As with MDL implants, MILO implants feature Drive-Lock technology for mountless, efficient placement and have the bioactive OSSEAN surface.




OP is a one-piece dental implant system designed for single tooth replacement or short-span fixed prostheses  where parallelism can be readily achieved. As with all Intra-Lock dental implants, the OP features the bio-active surface OSSEAN and Drive-Lock technology for mountless delivery and placement. The implants are available in 3.0mm, 3.75mm, 4.0mm, and 4.75mm. There is also a 4.75mm CT (conical-thread design, which functions much like an Osteotome) for compromised bone (type IV) with lengths of 10mm,11mm and 13mm (the 3.0mm, 3.75mm versions also are available in a 15mm length).

Intra lock - One-Piece


  • Economical
  • Simple and efficient
  • Minimum preparation of abutment is necessary




  • Tapered and Straight Bodies
  • Diameters from 3.4mm to 6.0mm address a wide variety of clinical OSSEAN Surface
  • Enhance initial stability
  • Preserve peri-implant soft and hard tissues
  • Drive-Lock technology --->  Smooth, uninterrupted delivery from sterile Package to implant site without the need for an implant mount
  • Ferrule/Morse Taper connection
  • BLOSSOM self-taping cutting design ---> Enable surgical seat with Significantly diminished trauma
  • The system’s advanced bioactive surface, ergonomic delivery, self-cutting design, and exceptional abutment stability work as one to provide a total solution for the discerning implant specialist.

Intra-Lock - InDex   


IntraHex implant:

  • Compatible with internal Hex configuration
  • Tapered body design
  • Maintain implant body technological advances
  • OSSEAN surface ---> Natural healing abilities, stimulates bone cell metabolism and encouraging accelerated healing
  • BLOSSOM self-tapping technology
  • It is available in 3.75, 4 and 4.75mm diameters and 10 to 15mm lenghts.
intra lock - IntraHex




GOLD implant:

  • OSSEAN bio-active surface
  • Blossom technology ---> Reduce insertion torque and increase stability
  • Internal connection ---> Ferrule/Morse Taper connection
  • Longevity
  • Tapered and Straight body design


Intra lock - GOLD



Blossom implant system:

intra lock - blossom

FlatOne abutment:

Innovative design

In an age of immediate function, dental implant patients demand not only beautiful teeth and excellen performance, but also an economic, definitive restoration as quickly as possible. The FlatOne Protocol is designed for full arch rehabilitation with these criteria in mind. It reduces chairside, laboratory costs, and the overall healing process. The finished case is a full arch fixed prosthesis not a hybrid denture. The heart of the system is a screw-retained metal framework that attaches to FlatOne abutments. This framework enables the fabrication of a cost effective, highly esthetic final restoration that is characterized by exceptional strength and durability.

Intra-Lock - FlatOne




Many clinicians have achieved excellent success with external hex dental implant systems introduced by Professor Per-Ingvan Branemark over four decades ago. This record of successful clinical experiences combined with technological advances developed by Intra-Lock inspired a new generation and a new standard of excellence for this classic design.


Intra-Lock’s Unihex Implant’s macro and micro design are based upon many of the technological advances found in Intra-Lock’s Internal Connection Implant System. The selection of implant architectures are engineered to be “site-specific” and to encourage physiologic harmony. OSSEAN, Intra-Lock’s hydrophillic and biologically active surface treatment, activates the body’s natural healing abilities and stimulates bone cell metabolism; encouraging accelerated healing and greater bone-to-implant contact.


For the implant surgeon, this broad-based system will help ensure an ideal bone response when compromised volume, density, and extraction site defects are encountered. A single family of prosthetic components offer the restorative dentist unparalleled sophistication in oral rehabilitation, with simplicity in treatment planning and instrumentation.








Intra-Lock website

International Experience1965
Iran ExperienceUnknown
Titanium Grade4
Surface TreatmentCalcium Phosphate
Angled AbutmentsYes
UCLA AbutmentYes
Fixture Length6.5mm to 18mm
Stopper DrillYes
Box ContentFixture + Cover Screw
Cemented AbutmentYes
Ball AbutmentYes
Max Torque For Cover Screw5-10Ncm
Max Torque For Abutment30Ncm
Failure AcceptanceNo
Fixture ShapeConical | Parallel | Tapered | Straight
Diameter Fixture2mm to 6mm
CertificateCE | FDA
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خيلي راضي هستم

من تو پنج سال گذشته تا الان حدود ٦٠٠ تا از اين ايمپلنت رو گذاشتم و خيلي راضي هستم.

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دریل های خیلی خوبی دارد و دیر کند می شود، من بعد از حدود هر 90 تا 95 جراحی، دریل جدید خریداری می کنم.

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سیستم خوبی هست اما از من که تا الان fail قبول نکردن میگن کمپانی fail قبول نمیکنه و من برای مریض هایی که High Risk هستن از سیستم های دیگر استفاده می کنم.

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ایمپلنت خیلی جالبی هست تنوع زیادی در ارتباط قطعات دارد اکثر سیستم ها hex هستند اما این ایمپلنت کانکشن جالبی دارد شاید اگر هگز بود می توانستید از قطعات پروتزی دیگر سیستم ها استفاده کنید.

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اینترالاک نسبت به هزینه های که بابت فیکسچرهای آن پرداخت می کنی واقعا ارزش دارد.

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