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Bego Implant Systems Overview



Internal Hex Connection

bego-s implantHeight 7mm is just for 4.1 and 4.5 diameters.

Diameter 3.25 - 3.75 - 4.1 - 4.5 - 5.5

Height 7 - 8.5 - 10 - 11.5 - 13dandal


Internal Hex Connection


Diameter 3.75 - 4 - 4.5 - 5.5

Height 8.5 - 10 - 11.5 - 13dandal


Internal Hex Connection





Diameter 3 - 3.75 - 4 - 4.5 - 5.5

Height 7 - 8.5 - 10 - 11.5 - 13dandal

BEGO - Mini

External Hex Connection


Diameter 2.7 - 2.9 - 3.1

Height 11.5 - 13 - 15dandal




Diameter 2.8

Height 14dandal

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The revolutionary idea of using special filling gold produced using the rotation method for dental restoration instead of beaten gold fillings made dentist Dr. h.c. Wilhelm Herbst famous and earned him an honorary doctorate.
BEGO is a globally-operating medium-sized company with an outstanding reputation within the dental industry. Equipment and materials "Made by BEGO", the proven BEGO system und BEGO know-how are synonymous with top-quality products which combine safety and reliability.



BEGO Implant systems:

1- S implant
2- RI-Line
3- RS/RSX-Line
4- Mini-Line
6- PI-Line






1. BEGO Semados S implant

s implant-bego

  • High primary stability
  • The straight implant shape uses conical sections in the cervical and apical areas ---> Attain final compression of the crestal bone and facilitate improved positioning in the prepared cavity
  • The rounded implant apex ---> Not damage the anatomical structures such as the sinus membrane
  • The implant design (with core diameter increasing and thread depth decreasing towards the prosthetic interface) ---> Enhanced implant stability and thus promotes the long-term success of implant treatment
  • The gradually decreasing thread depth towards the implant shoulder and the slightly progressive fine thread ---> High compression of the crestal bone and an improved bone contact rate in critical peri-implant bone
  • Connection: A conical (45° taper) and an anti-rotation (deep hex) implant-abutment conection ---> High resistance to microbial leakage and elimination of micro-movement


s implant - begi



S-Line indications

BEGO Semados S implants may be implanted in all regions of the jaw and in all bone qualities. Applications for which they are particularly recommended:

  • In the mandible
  • With D1 and D2 bone qualities
  • With sufficient bone volume
  • With sinus lift surgery to avoid accidental perforation of the sinus membrane




2. BEGO Semados RI-Line

ri implant-bego

  • The high-performance implant for special cases
  • The conical basic shape guarantees outstanding primary stability thanks to its condensing thread flanks and parallel microthread
  • Good for immediate restoration
  • In the case of poor bone quality, the implant/bone contact rate can be increased ---> Improved mechanical stability
  • Connection: A conical (45° taper) and an anti-rotation (deep hex) implant-abutment connection ---> High resistance to microbial leakage and elimination of micro-movement


RI-Line indications

BEGO Semados RI implants may be implanted in all regions of the jaw and in all bone qualities; they are, however, particularly suited to the following forms of treatment:

  • In the maxilla
  • With D3 and D4 bone qualities
  • With pronounced horizontal deficiencies
  • With immediate implantation




3. BEGO Semados RS/RSX-Line 

  • Conical shape
  • Round apex
  • Platform switching
  • Compatible with S/RI Line prosthetics (except diameter 3mm)
  • Internal taper connection with 45° and internal Hex anti-rotation protection 




  • Bionic microgrooves ---> Reduction of stress peaks in the bone and enlargement of the implant surface



  • Machine (RS-Line) or microstructured (RSX-Line) sgoulder with platform switch – according to the patient treatment requirments and preference of the dentist.




  • Self-tapping thread design with optimal cutting angle – self-centring function makes it easy to use and quick to insert with just a few turns.
  • Available in five diameters and six lengths


rs/rsx bego


  • Only one surgical tray for both systems ---> Facilitates an intraoperative system change



4. BEGO Semados Mini-Line


mini line-bego


  • Mini implant is specially designed for implant-based treatment of edentulous narrow, pointed ridges, and is the ideal choice for restoring narrow anterior gaps.
  • Like the BEGO Semados RI implant, its conical basic shape guarantees outstanding primary stability thanks to its condensing thread flanks and parallel microthread.
  • Narrow alveolar ridges which would normally require prior augmentation are spread and condensed to receive implants.
  • Conical external hex connection
  • Economical and swift restoration of edentulous jaws and constitutes a low-cost alternative



Mini-Line indications

  • Edentulous jaws
  • Edentulous narrow ridge with pronounced resorption
  • Narrow anterior gaps (12, 22, 32-42)




5. BEGO Semados PI-Line


pi line-bego


  • Used for the temporary treatment of large augmented regions and based on the insertion of regular implants
  • The straight implant shape and the self-tapping thread ---> High primary stability ---> Ideal for immediate temporary loading of implants
  • The machined surface ---> Prevents complete osseointegration which means the PI implants can be safely removed prior to insertion of the final restoration
  • The conical prosthetic interface allows a provisional restoration to be fixed (cemented or removable) via multifunction caps which are polymerized


BEGO Semados PI-Line indications

  • Stabilizing of bridges or dentures in the healing phase of the final implants
  • Relieving loads on augmented areas and soft tissue
  • Interim restorations
  • Fixation of templates for guided surgery






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First Release Date: 18/Aug/2015

Last Modified: 8/Oct/2016


International Experience1990
Iran Experience2005
Titanium Grade4
Surface TreatmentTiPure Plus
Angled AbutmentsYes
UCLA AbutmentYes
Fixture Length7mm to 15mm
Stopper DrillNo
Box ContentFixture+Cover Screw
Cemented AbutmentYes
Ball AbutmentYes
Max Torque For Cover Screw10-15Ncm
Max Torque For Abutment30Ncm
Failure Acceptance3% of the total purchase
Fixture ShapeStraight - Conical
Multiunit AbutmentYes
Diameter Fixture2.7mm to 5.5mm
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