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TRI Implant Systems Overview


TRI- Vent

Bone Level
Hex Connection
tri-vent 3.75 diameter doesn't have 6.5mm height.

Diameter 3.75 - 4.1 - 4.7

Height 6.5 - 8 - 10 - 11.5 - 13 - 16dandal

TRI - Narrow

Bone Level
Hex Connection

Diameter 3.3

Height 11.5 - 13 - 16dandal

TRI - Octa

Tissue Level
Octa Connection
tri-octa 3.75 diameter doesn't have 6.5mm height.

Diameter 3.75 - 4.1 - 4.7

Height 6.5 - 8 - 10 - 11.5 - 13 - 16dandal

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+ Advantages

  • SBA surface
  • Available different sizes
  • Singular implant prosthetic platform 
  • Platform-switching
  • Pink-rose neck of Octa Implant


- Disadvantages

  • Separated Stopper kit




tri implant



1- TRI Soft Tissue Concept

The soft-tissue interface of TRI Dental Implants is unique and innovative at the same time. It is very smooth, leaving no "pockets" despite its broad platform switching concept. This platform switch is consistent across all TRI prosthetics components and allows for a consistent and tight soft tissue seal around the implant abutment connection. This is supported by a product development concept, in which all prosthetic components integrate a consistent emergence profile  - covering all components, from impression post and healing cap to the final abutment.

tri    tri  tri



2- TRI Friction

Every Abutment featuring TRI-Friction flares at one degree from its apex to the coronal aspect, creating a frictional fit between implant and abutment hex. The frictional implant-abutment connection ensures maximum abutment stability while at the same time eliminating potential microgaps and micromovement within the framework of a platform-switching approach. This connection has considerable influence on the stability of the hard tissues in the critical crestal area of the bone. The associated restorative concept uses only a single platform (3.5 mm) for three different implant diameters (3.7, 4.1, 4.7 mm), which underscores the viability and performance of this concept aimed at preserving a stable bone structure – ultimately laying the foundation for a consistent and sustainable soft-tissue management effort. The soft-tissue management itself is supported by an emergence profile that covers all components, from impression post and healing cap to the final abutment (TRI Soft-Tissue Concept).



3- TRI BoneAdapt

High Primary Stability due to Tapered Implant Design

The TRI dental implant body was designed to provide maximum bone adaptation across the different bone regions along the implant. At the top of the implant, the reverse-tapered neck design reduces forces on crestal bone and platform switching. The groove right below the its neck into which all three threads lead, allows for Bone shifting, a better force distribution under the bone crest. Furthermore, the macro-threads design of the cervical area exhibits a square-thread pattern which minimizes stress and cortical load, thus better protecting the cortical bone. The well-proven standard 60 degree threads finally increase bone surface area in the spongiosa for optimal bone-to-implant contact.



tri          tri



Improved Secondary Stability due to 44% more Implant Surface Area Besides an optimized primary stability, the TRI BoneAdapt implant design features a 44% increased implant surface area in comparison to cylindrical implants. This guarantees a wider spread osseointegration process and therefore an enhanced biological secondary stability. Combined, the improved primary and secondary stability lead to an optimized overall implant stability during the entire osseointegration process with the TRI BoneAdapt implant design.



4- TRI SBA Surface

The TRI SBA (sandblasted, large grit, acid-etched) surface is one of the industry gold standards for more than 20 years. It is created by blasting the implant surface under pressure with coarse-grained sand. In the final step the surface is acid-etched twice in order to attain a medium roughness.


tri     tri




TRI Implant Systems 

1. TRI-Vent Implant Line

The TRI Dental Implant System has been developed to make the practicioners life easier and at the same enhance the performance of the product features. Due to its singular implant prosthetic platform and its unique implant body, it can quite rightly be considered one of the leanest and smartest implant systems in the world. The TRI Vent Line is offered in 3 implant diameters 3.75mm, 4.1mm and 4.7mm. However, all implants share the same prosthetic platform of 3.5mm, guarantering maximum simplicity in usage and enhanced platform switching with the wider implant diameters.





2. TRI-Narrow Implant

The TRI-Narrow implant has been developed with an enossal diameter of Ø3.3mm and an internal Friction-Fit connection of Ø3.2mm. With this reduced diameter implant, treatment options will be expanded especially for narrow ridges or compromised sites in the anterior jaw. The implant can be inserted with the TRI-Vent surgical kit.





3. TRI-Octa Tissue Level Implant

The novel TRI-Octa Implant is the latest addition to the TRI Dental Implant System. With its unique 1.8mm pink-rose neck for optimized translucency in the ginigval tissue, TRI Octa sets new standards. In a study with the university of Zurich (Prof Hämmerle, Dr Ronald Jung, Dr Daniel Thoma), the evidently better translucency values were tested and proofed in comparison to conventional titanium implant neck.
The TRI-Octa Implant has a market compatible octagonal connection with a 8° cone which guarantees stability and security. The corresponding abutments were anodised correspondingly in pink to foster a consistent esthetic result also in the prosthetic area. The tapered implant body with its self-tapping threads provides for an optimal primary stability for immediate, early or late implant treatment concepts. 



Reference :

Data sheet

  • TRI
  • Switzerland
  • 2009
  • Unknown
  • 4
  • SBA
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • 6.5mm to 16mm
  • Hex | Octa
  • Yes
  • Fixture + Cover screw
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • 5-8Ncm
  • 35Ncm
  • Unknown
  • Tapered
  • Yes
  • 3.3mm to 4.7mm
  • ISO

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