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Type 801-801L: Cavity burs

To treat decays, amalgam or composites cavities.
Remastering of fissures after preparation with plastic filling or ceramic inlays.

Small diameter:
– To eliminate decay from sulcus and decay infiltrated in pits and fissures.
– For small decays close to incisors and canines that require tiny and retentive cavities.
– For cavity retentions in those teeth with bigger decays.

Big diameter:
– to eliminate badly decayed cavities, essentially on (018-021) molars or for concave shaping of crowns in the incisal area (029-035) allowing an optimal stress distribution.


Reference : A2SC

Data sheet

  • Dentalree
  • USA
  • Round
  • Diamond

Specific References

  • 014843
  • D3C28
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Dentalree - Diamond Burs - Round

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