MyRay - X-Pod Portable Radiography Sensor


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Portable imaging system

myray - xpod

The new high definition intraoral imaging vision

Acquire, display, process and manage every detail directly in the palm of your hand on the most versatile, modern device available. X-pod, the exceptional portable wireless device with large touch-screen display, let's you take control and decide how to manage your workflow, letting you enjoy fast consultation, storage and sharing of diagnostic images. Acquire intraoral X-rays, view them and show them to your patient immediately to ensure more effective communication. You can synchronise it with the iRYS software on your PC or work in complete independence, saving and processing images on the SD memory card. 

Portable, versatile, high quality diagnostic.

  • Immediate diagnostics
  • Real-time image processing
  • Portability and working freedom
  • Synchronisation with PC - iRYS software
  • Bluetooth image transfer

myray - xpod

Ergonomic, reliable, durable high definition sensor

The sensor features ergonomic design with rounded corners, a thin profile and a flexible lead; all this ensures adaptation to the anatomy of the oral cavity and efficient, comfortable positioning. The optic fibres layer (Fibre Optics Plate) collimates the radiation, ensuring clearly defined images and protecting against direct X-ray penetration to extend the working life of the sensor. The X-pod sensor is made of exceptionally high quality materials and is resistant to impact, liquids and dust. 
Available in size 1 and size 2, it adapts to all types of examination.


myray - xpod   

Stores and processes images directly on the device

Powerful X-pod software provides an array of advanced functions with an intuitive graphic interface that lets you save and process images directly on the device without any need for a PC connection.

  • Edit the patient name
  • Modify filters to improve luminosity and contrast
  • Measure point-to-point distance and calibrate the image
  • Assign the dental region on the Dentition Chart
  • Correct image rotation

myray - xpod

Long battery life and portability

X-pod is compact, pocket-sized and offers outstanding battery life. The lithium polymer battery allows day-long use, inside and outside the surgery, without ever having to worry about charging. Images are saved and organised in patient-specific folders on the removable Secure Digital memory card.

myray - x-pod

X-pod can be installed on any surface

When it's not in the palm of your hand, X-pod can be stowed in the smart Holster. This holder that can be installed on any surface, such as on the arm of your intraoral X-ray unit. Thanks to the efficient, adjustable system, the image can be rotated and the display tilted to give the best viewing angle.

myray - xpod

Worklist - iRYS software

Set up the patient acquisition list from the PC using the outstanding all-in-one iRYS software and consult patient folders on the X-pod screen. Acquire images, then display and save them directly in patient folders with all the correct position and size data. Transfer and synchronise data on the PC-based iRYS database with a USB lead at the end of the day or instantaneously via Bluetooth using secure interference-free MyRay transmission technology (Patented).


Reference : XPOD

Data sheet

  • MyRay
  • Italy
  • CMOS
  • 25lp/mm
  • Size 1: 38.9x24.9mm | Size 2: 38.9x24.9mm
  • Size 1: 5.3mm | Size 2: 5.7mm

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MyRay - X-Pod Portable Radiography Sensor

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