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Navistar Catheter - Biosense Webster
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Navistar Catheter - Biosense Webster

Biosense Webster - Navistar Catheter


Electrophysiology Catheter

USA Made

Multiple Electrode Catheter


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NAVISTAR Catheter is a steerable, multiple electrode catheter with a deflectable tip to facilitate electrophysiological mapping of the heart and to transmit RF (radiofrequency) current to the catheter tip electrode for ablation purposes. For mapping, the catheter is used with the CARTO 3 System, and an appropriate location reference device. For ablation, the catheter is used in conjunction with a compatible RF generator and grounding (dispersive) pad.




  • High-torque polyurethane shaft with a deflectable tip section that includes an array of platinum electrodes
  • All electrodes may be used for recording and stimulation, but only the tip electrode may be used to deliver RF energy from the generator
  • Magnetic location sensor embedded in the tip electrode that transmits location information to the CARTO 3 System
  • Available with either a thermocouple or thermistor temperature sensor

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Biosense Webster - Navistar Catheter

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