Biosense Webster - Thermocool Bi - Directional Catheter



Electrophysiology Catheter

USA Made

Multiple Electrode Catheter 

Electrophysiological Mapping of Heart 

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THERMOCOOL Bi-directional Catheter is a steerable, multiple electrode catheter with a deflectable tip to facilitate electrophysiological mapping of the heart and to transmit RF (radiofrequency) current to the catheter tip electrode for ablation purposes.




  • High-torque polyurethane shaft with a deflectable tip section that includes an array of platinum electrodes
  • All electrode may be used for recording and stimulation, but only the tip electrode may be used to deliver RF energy from the generator
  • Available with either a thermocouple or thermistor temperature sensor

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Biosense Webster - Thermocool Bi - Directional Catheter

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