Anthogyr - 64:1 Contra-angle

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Anthogyr endo contra-angles make root canal preparation safe and efficient.They meet the highest requirements in terms of ergonomics for easier practice.


  • Micro head for easier access and maximum visibility in mouth
  • Niti Control for optimum security: Patented
    When the maximum torque which can be applied and endured by the file is reached, the driving device is automatically stopped
  • Chrome plated coating: More corrosion-resistant
  • Easy insertion of the file without pushing the button
  • Impeccable maintenance: thermal disinfection and sterilization, its even surface limits areas of bacterial retention

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Data sheet

  • Anthogyr
  • France
  • 64:1
  • External
  • Type E - ISO 3964
  • Push-button
  • Non-Optic

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Anthogyr - 64:1 Contra-angle

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