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Endy 6200
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Endy 6200
Endy 6200

ionyx - Endy 6200 EndoMotor

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+ Advantages

  • A perfect and efficient machine with simple and modern design
  • Identical Spare parts with Locapex Five and Endy 6000
  • Economical
  • Being angle on the device side for comfort while working


- Disadvantages

  • Keep the battery up to 3 hours



Endy 6200  is an endodontic micromotor with a built-in apex locator intended for the root canal preparation with nickel titanium files.


The Endy 6200 has 12 integrated memories that can set the torque (0,5 to, speed (100 to 500 rpm) and switch saved memory from one to another by V or Λ keys. The default setting of apical stop buffer is 0.5.
Of course all of these are adjustable and changeable even volume level.

During charging one green and one orange lights, light up and when the charge finished (≈ 2 hours), the orange light goes off. If the battery is faulty a red light lights up instead of the two green and orange lights. In this conditions disconnect the charger, and then reconnect it. A new charging cycle starts. If the red light lights again, replace the battery pack.
The life time of the battery is approximately 3 hours in continuous operation and after 3 minutes of inactivity it goes off automatically.

The usage of the contra-angle handpiece is very easy because it is highly manoeuvrable and ultra lightweight (only 25g). It is fitted with a push-button micro head (11.1 mm), which is ideal for short handles files..

The body of the contra-angle handpiece is made of polyetheretherketone fiber (PEEK plastic) which ensures perfect insulation. The use of the dam is therefore not essential.



For measurement, just connect a cord with a lip electrode placed on the patient's labial angle to the machine. The lamps on the machine are used to monitor the progression of the file through the root canal. And when the measurement is incorrect, the indicator lamp " Er." comes on.


The Endy 6200 has 3 measurement modes (Auto, Run and Apex Over):
1. Auto Mode: The motor starts up automatically and quickly when the file is inserted in the root canal and when the file is withdrawn, it also stops automatically and quickly.
2. Run Mode: The motor rotates continuously.
3. Apex Over Mode: It is used to overshoot the apex and does not include AutoReverse on the Apical stop.


Endy 6200 has AutoReverse in Auto and Run modes  and when the tip of the file reaches the preset apical stop (adjustable for each memory), the motor stops immediately then goes into slow reverse to avoid any return of debris in the bottom of the canal.

The Endy 6200 is equipped with torque control and any overshoot of the preset torque, automatically stops the motor which then goes into slow reverse to withdraw the file, whilst reducing the risk of fracture.Then the machine generates a characteristic signal and Torque indicator lamp starts flashing.



Contra-angle handpiece, 1 fast loader, 2 measurement cords, 2 lip electrodes, 1 file grip, 1 lubrication adaptor, 1 handpiece holder and an operation instructions manual.

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Data sheet

Built-in Apex Locator
3.7v Li-ion rechargeable
Auto Calibration
Chuck locking Mechanism
Battery charger: 9Volts 0.6A
Type of Technology
Optic Adjustment
Endo Contra-Angle
One Direction Rotation
Auto Saftey Program
Auto Reverse

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Endy 6200

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ionyx - Endy 6200 EndoMotor

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