VDW - Silver Reciproc Endomotor


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VDW.SILVER RECIPROC endo motors are designed to enable the use of both reciprocating and continuous rotary nickel-titanium systems. They are conceived for convenience with their intuitive menu navigation and clear display.


Typical RECIPRO from VDW

The RECIPROC instrument is driven in reciprocation: first in a cutting direction (counter-clockwise) and then reverses to release the instrument. The angle in the cutting direction is greater than the angle in the reverse direction, so that the instrument continuously progresses towards the apex and at the same time, relieves stress on the instrument.

The fundamental difference is the optimal interplay of RECIPROC instruments and RECIPROC motors – specifically designed by VDW and not interchangeable: The angles of the RECIPROC motor are precisely tuned
to the RECIPROC instrument.


Minimised risk of instrument fracture

The precise angles of reciprocation in the RECIPROC motors enable a safer and more efficient preparation with RECIPROC instruments – reducing the risk of fractures to a minimum.



Advanced RECIPROC motor. Ideal for reciprocating and classical preparation technique

  • Reciprocating file systems: One specific pre-setting only for efficient preparation with RECIPROC/Pre-programmed setting for the reciprocating system WaveOne
  • Continuous rotary systems: Pre-programmed settings for Mtwo, FlexMaster, ProTaper Universal, K3 and Gates Glidden; torque and speed values individually adaptable / Additional Doctor´s Choice Programme where up to 15 torque and speed settings can be saved for a personal sequence
  • Specific RECIPROC REVERSE function allows an even more comfortable preparation with RECIPROC
  • Precise angles of reciprocation specific to the design of the RECIPROC instrument
  • Automatic torque control with Auto-Stop-Reverse in rotary mode
  • Easy to operate
  • Battery-operated motor; constant operation even during charging
  • Sirona 6:1 contra-angle with small head




Company VDW
Country Germany
Built-in Apex Locator No
Weight 1000gr
Battery Battery-powered, 2000 mAh, 6V
Auto Calibration No
Memory 15
Chuck locking Mechanism Push-button
Power 100-240V 47-63Hz
Torque 0.2-4.1Ncm
Speed 1500-6000rpm
Type of Technology Non-Optic
Optic Adjustment No
Handpiece 6:1 Contra-angle
Function Reciprocating Function
Auto Saftey Program Full Automatic
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VDW - Silver Reciproc Endomotor

VDW - Silver Reciproc Endomotor

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