Meta - Endo Smart Motor

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Meta Endo Smart Micromotor

  • Motor operation: motor operation can be started or operating motor can be stopped by pressing the control panel START/STOP button.
  • Forward/ Reverse direction setting
  • Auto-reverse mode setting:
    1) Switch the motor Auto-Revers mode by pressing AUTO-REVERSE button of the control panel.
    2) Whenever AUTO-REVERSE Button of the main body is pressed, Mode changes by the sequence of [OFF state=>Mode 1=>Mode 2].
  • AUTO-REVERSE sign does not appear during OFF state.
  • Gear ratio setting (gear ratio 1:1, 4:1, 10:1, 16:1)
  • Torque setting (0.6-6.4Ncm – Gear Ratio 16:1 basis)
  • Speed setting(20-800rpm adjustable/gear ratio 16:1 basis)
    1) Press Speed up/down button of the control panel and change motor speed.
    2) Motor storage and selection (max.9 programs available)
  • Power OFF (if not used more than 2 minutes, power of the main body is turned off automatically)
  • Handpiece and holder (Docking station) are one body
  • Light weight and easy to use handpiece

Reference :

Data sheet

  • Meta Biomed
  • South Korea
  • No
  • 443gr
  • Unknown
  • No
  • 9
  • Push-button
  • Unknown
  • 0.6-6.4Ncm
  • 20-800rpm
  • Non-Optic
  • No
  • 16:1 Contra-angle
  • One Direction Rotation
  • Full Automatic

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Meta - Endo Smart Motor

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