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DiaDent - Dia-Due Obturator

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Dia-Duo is new developed Cordless Obturation System included Duo-Pen warm vertical compaction device and Duo-Gun backfill obturation device. Duo-Pen offers excellent warm vertical compaction with quick heating tip. Duo-Gun with quick heating system allows the fast and perfect obturation delivery. Duo-Gun and Duo-Pen are located in one charger.


Duo-Pen is Cordless Warm Vertical Compaction Device and also Duo-Pen has the optimum functionality and quality and is full proven effective for the downpack obturation system.



- Softening the root canal filling material (Gutta Percha Points) during root canal treatment
- Spreading the root canal filling material (Gutta Percha Points) laterally and vertically
- Cutting the root canal filling material (Gutta Percha Points)
- Compacting the root canal filling material (Gutta Percha Points) using heat



- Excellent result with warm and vertical compaction for all canals including lateral canals.
Duo-Pen offers reliable results with tightly sealed root canals
- Cordless, ergonomic and lightweight design
- Quick heating tip reaches high level of temperature within one second to save treatment time
- Display in the handpiece shows the remaining battery power, error and setting temperature
- The effective temperature control prevents the pen tip from burning out
- Duo-Pen handpiece automatically recognizes the size of tip
- Color-coded heating condensers are available in various sizes (#.04-40, .04-45, .04-50, .06-50, .08-55) for easy identification
- Three temperature settings (170°C, 200°C, 230°C)



Duo-Gun is Cordless Obturation System Device, Duo-Gun offers fast and easy obturation delivery. With this effective obtruation system and technique, optimum results are achieved.



- Cordless and Compact design allows complete freedom of movement
- Reliable Gutta Percha filling to the desired level without delay
- Variable Temperature settings (140℃, 170℃, 200℃): precise control of obturation flow
- Quick heating system: Temperature reaches 200℃ within 15 seconds
- Fast and continuous flow of filling tightly seals the canal
- Left-handed person can push on/off button easily, both sides of handpiece have the power button
- Both displays of Handpiece show the remaining battery power, error and setting temperature
- The ergonomic design enables the obturation with a minimum input of force
- Durable heater is installed to minimize minor troubles
- Maintain the stable temperature during the operation with the accurate temperature control system





- Duo-Gun Handpiece, Duo-Pen Handpiece & Duo-Charger
- Accessories: Heating Condenser #.04-50, Heating Condenser #.06-50, Duo-Pen Battery, Disposable Sheaths (200ea/Box), GP Obturation Tip(23G, 4ea), Gutta Percha Obturator (100ea), Duo-Gun Battery, Safety Cap(2ea), Plunger set, Plunger O-Ring Assembly(2ea), Multi Tool, Scrubbing Brush,
Power Adapter, AC Power Cord


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DiaDent - Dia-Due Obturator

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