Meta - E&Q Master Cordless Obturator

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The E&Q Master is fantastic completion of the obturation system. You will experience the maximized convenience with the E&Q Master. The E&Q Master has the same battery charging system as the mobile phone. It operates at low voltage for users safety. If the battery is discharged during use, you can replace it with an extra battery on standby for continuous use. The slim design and simple operation of the E&Q Master will maximize effectiveness and convenience.


Experience the E&Q Master! You will end up with the perfect completion of root canal obturation.



  • The slim design provides a nice feeling of grip along with easy handling
  • The low-voltage battery enables safe operation
  • The simple operation enables you to learn easily and quickly
  • The thermo-plasticized method of filling makes speedy treatment
  • Easy and Quick obturation with accurate and predictable filling
  • Excellent apical control&obturation of anatomically complicated canals



  • Master Gun: Heater: DC 3.8V 8W, Heating Time: 2 Minutes, Operating Time: Continuous for 1.5 hours
  • Master Pen: Heating Time: 1 Seconds, Operating Time: Continuous for 1.5 hours
  • Charger: Input: 100~240V, Output: DC 9V 1.8A
  • Battery: Li-ion: ICR18650-26 (Samsung SDI) 3.8V, 2,400mA, Charging Time: within 3 hours
  • Gun Needle (23, 25 Gauge / 6 pcs)
  • Pen Tip (F, FM)
  • Heat Insulator
  • Accessory Tools
  • Adapter
  • Charging Cord


Reference :

Data sheet

  • Meta Biomed
  • South Korea
  • Li-Ion ICR18650-26(Samsung SDI)3.8V 2,400mA
  • Continuous for 1.5 hours

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Meta - E&Q Master Cordless Obturator

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