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Biolux Research Ltd. is pleased to announce the successful completion of a new clinical study using a shorter, more efficient, photo biomodulation treatment protocol to increase implant stability after surgery.


The clinical study was recently completed at the University of Toronto (Canada) by Mr. Mahdi Ghuloom, as part of his Master of Science thesis in the Graduate Department of Dentistry. The study investigated the efficacy of a new treatment protocol for the OsseoPulse, Biolux’s approved photobiomodulation product, on implant stability.


The new treatment protocol consists of a pre-operative 20-minute phototherapy session on the day of surgery, followed by daily phototherapy sessions for the next 10 days, compared to the original 21-day treatment protocol).


The results of the study show an increase in implant stability starting from day zero for the treated group, compared to the typical decrease in implant stability in the first few weeks after placement, as shown in the control group.  The increase in implant stability with the new protocol suggests a reduced risk of implant failure and the potential for earlier or immediate loading of implants.

“We believe that the significantly shorter protocol will lead to greater patient interest and compliance with the OsseoPulse™ treatment, resulting in better implant success for the patient” states Dr. Peter Brawn, founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Biolux. “Dentists will also benefit from a 10-day protocol by treating more patients with a shorter turnaround time per device as well as continuing to differentiate their practice.”

The new treatment protocol has received regulatory approval from Health Canada and European CE Mark, and is supported by devices already on the market as the dentist can simply prescribe a shorter duration treatment for the patient.


Multiple marketing materials were updated to reflect the advancements made over the past year in accelerating implantology using the OsseoPulse Bone Regeneration System.


About Biolux Research 


Biolux Research Ltd. is a world leader in the development of light activated bone regeneration systems for dentistry. Biolux focuses on product development, clinical and basic research, and its proprietary, patent-pending OsseoPuls™ Bone Regeneration System is premised on a vision to transform the practice of implantology and oral surgery in dentistry by accelerating implant integration and bone regeneration in a safe, effective and non-invasive approach.




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J Dent Res 87(Spec Iss B):2021, 2008
2. Khadra M and Brawn P
Determining Optimal Dose of Light Emitting Diode Phototherapy for Proliferation of Human Oral Fibroblasts
Biolux Research White Paper


Khadra M, Kasem N, and Brawn P
Phototherapy Promotes Attachment and Subsequent Proliferation of Human Osteoblast-Like Cells
J Dent Res 87(Spec Iss B):3308, 2008



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First Release Date: 15/Oct/2015

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