Morvabon - MorvaEtch 37% Gel

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ACID GEL is a gel which has in its base phosphoric acid at a concentration of 37%, being the most efficient and used acid to attack the dentin and/or enamel, allowing a better retention of resin materials. Its suitable viscosity and the presence of the dye allow a safe application, no risk of flowing and better visualization of the region to be conditioned.



- Adequate viscosity and presence of blue detection dye, which allows for safe application, reducing the risk of outflow and providing a better view of the region to be conditioned
- Strong anti-bacterial action (formula with Clorhexidine 2%)
- Used to attack the dentin and/or enamel.


Package: with 3 syringes containing 2.5 ml each + tips.

Reference : M10-20

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  • Morvabon
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Morvabon - MorvaEtch 37% Gel

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