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Dentaurum - Expansion Screws


German Made Expansion Screw

100 Pieces in Package

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Expansion Screws

Expansion screw


Perfect in form 

the skeletal construction enables the screws to have the smallest possible dimensions, yet achieve the largest possible expansion. The integrated expansion stop prevents the screws from falling apart.

Perfect in function 

the friction on the thread of the screws is so exact that they are guaranteed to open evenly. The unique click versions are secured against unwanted reversing, thereby preventing the screws used for the fixed appliance technique from turning back.

Perfect in design 

the high-precision screws have a stable construction and are of high quality. They can be fixed securely in the acrylic.

  • Stainless steel
  • With cone-shaped expansion screw holder
  • skeleton design
  • holes in body of screws for better retention in acrylic
  • built-in stops prevent screws from coming apart
  • With expansion screw key straight, small – standard.
  • Unit:100 pieces 

 Expansion screw Mini

For transverse expansion of the mandible and for distalization or for especially narrow maxillae.

Directional arrow: Plastic, white
Maximum expansion: 6.5 mm
4x1/4 turn= 0.7 mm

Expansion screws, MiniExpansion screws, Stainless steel, Mini

 Expansion screw Medium

For transverse expansion of the maxilla and mandible and for distalization.

Directional arrow: Plastic, neon yellow
Maximum expansion: 7.5 mm
4x1/4 turn= 0.8 mm

Expansion screws MediumExpansion screws, Medium

Expansion screw Maxi

For transverse expansion of the maxilla.

Directional arrow: Plastic, neon yellow
Maximum expansion: 7.5 mm
4x1/4 turn= 0.8 mm

Expansion screws, Maxi Expansion screw Maxi

Expansion screw Magnum

For transverse expansion of the maxilla and for bimaxillary functional gnatho-orthopedic appliances.

Directional arrow: Plastic, neon yellow
Maximum expansion: 11 mm
4x1/4 turn= 0.8 mm

Expansion screw MagnumExpansion screw Magnum

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Dentaurum - Expansion Screws

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