Master-Dent - Flowable Composite


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Flowable Composite

Master-Dent Flow Composite is a light cured flowable hybrid resin restorative recommended for Class III, Class IV and Class V restorations, combining the Bis-GMA chemistry with a non-slumping flowability for easier placement and contouring. Flows into the preparation versus traditional packing and manipulation. Dispensed through a syringe with an application tip for increased accuracy and fingertip control.




- Fast application 
- Low viscosity, high flow characteristics 
- Excellent polishability 
- Superior color stability and well-balanced optical properties 
- High adhesive strength to etched or mechanically roughened surfaces without need for bonding agents 
- Multipurpose light cure material

Reference : 19-412A2

Data sheet

  • Dentonics - Master Dent
  • USA
  • Direct Restorative
  • Microhybrid
  • Light-Cure

Specific References

  • 002850
  • I5B1
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Master-Dent - Flowable Composite

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