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Charisma Flow – naturally reliable

Charisma Flow is the ideal flowable supplement to our microhybrid composite Charisma Classic. Its low viscosity and good thixotropy makes it the ideal choice for many indications like cavity lining, fissure sealing and minimal invasive fillings.
The Charisma Flow Baseliner is a white and opaque shade that can be applied on the cavity floor to mark the transition to the natural hard tooth tissue. This means that unnecessary drilling away of healthy hard tooth tissue when removing an insufficient filling can be avoided.
Charisma Flow stands for safe usage and a high standard of naturally reliable restorations
  • Versatile all-rounder for many indications
  • Easy and fast handling due to its low viscosity and good thixotropy
  • Its radiopacity enables a save and reliable diagnosis
  • Pronounced chameleon effect
  • Shades of Charisma Flow optimally match the Charisma Classic shades



  • Fissure sealing
  • Enlarged fissure sealing
  • Class V fillings
  • Minimally invasive Class I and II fillings in areas not subjected to masticatory forces
  • Minimally invasive Class lll fillings
  • Smaller contour and shade adjustment on the enamel and dentine
  • Small surface repairs to direct and indirect restorations in combination with a suitable bonding agent
  • Splinting of teeth
  • Cavity lining
  • Bracket retention

Reference :

Data sheet

  • Kulzer
  • Germany
  • Direct Restorative
  • Microhybrid
  • Light-Cure

Specific References

  • 018556
  • J2B2
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Kulzer - Charisma Flow Composite

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