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Behban Shimi - SeptiGel 500ml

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Product Application
SeptiGel is a solution which disinfects quickly based on appropriate percentage of  2 alcohol (Ethanol and isopropanol) and Vitamin E. This solution is very useful when hands are sensitive to washing. This solution kills bacteria, HBV and HIV viruses and eliminates Mycobacterium tuberculosis as well as enveloped and none-enveloped viruses.


-without harmful effect on hands
-Ready to use
-Contain moisturizers and vitamin E
-Wide effective range including Mycobacterium tuberculosis and very resistant none-enveloped viruses
-Perfect aroma
-Free of aldehyde, phenol and other poisonous materials


Mode of Action
SeptiGel has quick antimicrobial properties with use of 2 alcohol (Ethanol and isopropanol). it contains Allantoin and vitamin E which prevent skin allergy. this product also contains moisturizers that soften skin. The existence of Ethanol causes the highest synergistic effect to kill viruses.

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  • Behban Shimi
  • Iran
  • For Hand and Skin

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Behban Shimi - SeptiGel 500ml

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