Euronda - Eurosonic 4D Ultrasonic Cleaner


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Eurosonic 4D

Eurosonic 4D is the digital and electronic ultrasonic cleaner, which is equipped with 3 piezoceramic transducers and Sweep Mode technology. Its ergonomic design makes it of practical use and the conformable integrated commands allow the user to easily choose the different options of length of time (10-30 min) and temperature (20-60) of the treatment, to help you choose the most adequate way of washing. Eurosonic 4D is equipped with a water tap and tube, to help you drain the water in a fast and practical manner. The stainless steel tank has a capacity of 3.5 litres and the available accessories are: plastic cover, perforated stainless steel basket, 3x600 ml beaker holder, 1x600 ml beaker holder, 600 ml beaker and Sweep Clean enzymatic powder.


Overall dimensions 315x255x165mm(LxHxD)
Tank size 300x100x150mm (LxHxD)
Weight 4,9Kg
Operating voltage 220-230V - 50/60Hz
Tank capacity 3,5lit
Power 350W


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  • Euronda
  • Italy
  • 3.5Lt
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  • 5.5Kg
  • 15x10x30cm

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Euronda - Eurosonic 4D Ultrasonic Cleaner

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