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UltraDent - ViscoStat Clear Hemostatic Gel Kit

Expired date: 05/01/2024 (2024-05-01)
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ViscoStat Clear

25% Aluminum Chloride


ViscoStat Clear is recommended for anterior restorations because it quickly eliminates minor bleeding without leaving any residue. The patented tissue-kind silica formula quickly stops minor bleeding without forming coagulum or leaving hemostatic residue adhered to the preparation, resulting in stain-free teeth and soft tissues, a feature especially critical in the “esthetic zone.” Additionally, unlike ferric sulfate-based hemostatic solutions, ViscoStat Clear does not interfere with bonding.

  • Stops all minor intraoral bleeding, but designed specifically for the esthetic zone
  • Transparent gel leaves no residue and rinses off with ease
  • Convenient direct delivery eliminates waste
  • Non-drip gel is viscous yet spreadable
  • Does not interfere with bonding


Indications for Use

ViscoStat Clear is intended for sulcus retraction prior to impression making and to control bleeding and gingival oozing in restorative and operative dentistry used with gingival retraction cord and/or the Dento Infusor. The gel facilitates the insertion of the cord into the sulcus.


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UltraDent - ViscoStat Clear Hemostatic Gel Kit

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