Mariotti - MiniUNIKO Surgery Motor

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MiniUNIKO Implant Motor


The improved 3 versions MiniUniko, designed and manufactured in Italy, combine ease of use and practicality with top torque performance, full safety and operating precision with any implant system.


mariottin mini uniko mariotti mini uniko mariotti mini uniko

MiniUNIKO F (Easy)

Simple switch pedal + C20

MiniUNIKO C (Classic)

Multifunction Foot control + C20

MiniUNIKO CL (LED light)

Multifunction Foot control + C20L


Constant top performance

  • Newest generation brushless motor
  • Electronic control with accurate adjustment of speed and torque up to 40,000 rpm and 80 Ncm

Speed: 400-40000 rpm (1:1)
Torque: max 80Ncm (32:1), 70Ncm (20:1)


  • Extended service life of parts that require autoclave sterilization: motor, cable and connector.
    New special motor protection for sterilization.

mini uniko


mini uniko

Immediate use and practicality

  • New practical peristaltic pump: fast tube replacement and efficiency
  • Easy touch keyboard and wide display
  • Simple switch pedal on/off or Multifunction foot-control with accurate variable speed pedal, reverse, irrigation pump, programs change.

   mini uniko   mini uniko   mini uniko


mini uniko




Contra-angle for implants: titanium body with push button, 20:1 reduction. External and internal irrigation.
Top reliability and high torque for implantology.


mini uniko    


Optic contra-angle for led motors, 20:1 reduction, external and internal irrigation.
Top reliability and high torque.


mini uniko  

Reference : MUN.F

Data sheet

  • Mariotti
  • Italy
  • Max. 2000rpm
  • Max. 80Ncm
  • 3Kg
  • 235 | 255 | 89mm
  • Corded
  • Touchable LCD
  • 10
  • Yes
  • Implant and Surgery
  • Optic - Optional
  • No
  • Non-Optic/Optic 20:1 Contra-angle
  • Unknown
  • No
  • BLDC

Specific References

  • 006734
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Mariotti - MiniUNIKO Surgery Motor

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