Bien Air - Chiropro L Motor

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Implantology is a demanding discipline. That is why Chiropro L, the latest in Bien-Air expertise, leaves nothing to chance. Created with practitioners for practitioners, it is an ultra-efficient, extremely versatile implantology system, designed for numerous clinical applications. Chiropro L takes concern for detail to unprecedented levels. Everything is designed for your comfort.  Theinterface, intuitive and complete, can be managedby the new control pedal.



The MX-LED, the most powerful motor on the market, is currently the only motor to offer LED lighting of equal intensity at both high and low speeds. The contra-angle handpiece, for its part, incorporates a unique internal irrigation system offering ideal grip.




With the Chiropro L, everything is designed for your comfort. The MX- LED Chiropro micromotor, the most powerful and lightweight on the market, has LED lighting of equal intensity whether at high or low speeds. The contra-angle boasts one of the smallest heads ever designed and integrates a unique irrigation system, internal to the instrument, making it perfectly easy to use. In addition, its dual glass rod LED system guarantees uniform lighting at all rotation speeds. The Chiropro L also offers 7 of the main implant systems on the market with their complete sequences. It can also be customised according to your needs.




  • Numerous possible clinical applicationsincorporating in particular 7 of the leading implant  systems on the market with their completeclinical sequences
  • Customisable programs
  • A simple, intuitive interface
  • The most efficientand reliable motor
  • An innovative peristaltic pump
  • The contra-angle handpiece with the smallest head on the market



Chiropro L is pre-programmedfor the following implant systems:

  • Straumann
  • Nobel Biocare
  • Zimmer
  • Dentsply-Friadent
  • Biomet 3i
  • AstraTech
  • Thommen Medical
  • Free system



The MX-LED motor is a model of stability. At both high and low speeds, the new MX-LED offers you ideal working comfort. With it’s high level of output torque, the MX-LED is just simply the most powerful motor on the market. Depending on the torque needed, the power is automatically regulated and stabilised electronically. Accordingly, the speed is kept constant throughout the operation. Another major advantage is that the motor allows LED lighting on the contra-angle with the same luminous intensity at both high and low speeds. The MX-LED motor is not only the most powerful motor on the market, but also the lightest.

Incomparable quality of lighting The MX-LED motor incorporates a LED of luminous intensity adjustable according to your sensitivity (10 setting levels). The LED diffuses a natural white light similar to daylight,with a service life 10 times greater than that of a traditional light bulb.




  • Chiropro L
  • MX-LED motor
  • Foot Control



  • 20:1 L Contra-Angle Handpice - Micro series
  • Angle Holder
  • Cable


 BeinAir       BeinAir  


Reference : 1700307-001

Data sheet

  • Bien Air
  • Switzerland
  • 0-40000rpm
  • 8-70Ncm
  • 2700gr
  • 309mm | 220mm | 123mm
  • Cordless - Multifunctional
  • Simple
  • 8 pre-programmed 10-step sequences1 endo sequence, 4 programs for dental surgery
  • Yes
  • Multifunctional
  • -
  • Optic
  • Yes
  • 20:1 Optic Contra-angle
  • -
  • BLDC

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Bien Air - Chiropro L Motor

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