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Advanced Consultation Package for Implantation


This package includes the advanced consultation for implantation.

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24 hours


All dentist


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Advanced consultation is a free service for users and members of the Dandal based on the provided information that sent by dentist.


The topics of advanced consultation Package for implantation:

  • Advice about appropriate treatment process based on the CBCT images and patient records
  • Recommending a proper implant in terms of length and diameter for the desired location
  • Diagnosis and guidance for needs of other surgeries before implantation such as sinus lift and expansion
  • Recommending  a number of implants for an overdenture based on CBCT images



  • Our consultants are professionals and academics inside and outside of iran
  • In this package sending the CBCT image of desired location for implantation, patient records and tests are required and if intraoral image is available please also send it.

  • The patient's name is not necessary and required


Become familiar with dandal consultants

Dandal Consultants


Image Sample:


Patient test sample:


  1. Put the patient radiography image on negatoscope
  2. Taking picture with a cell phone or camera (please keep the flash off)
  3. Upload the photo in the menu of "request attachment" tab
  4. Click the save
  5. Add to cart and during the registration process


For ease, you can also send pictures with your Reference Number (which number that you get in the process of buying and registration) by this cellphone number.

vuber Telegram whats +989105365912

Other consultation package:

Initial consultation for implantation

Resolving consultation for problems that occurred during implantation

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Advanced Consultation Package for Implantation

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