Biotronik - BioMonitor 2-AF

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BioMonitor 2-AF


 Biotronik - BioMonitor 2-AF


BioMonitor 2 aids physicians seeking evidence of a patient’s suspected cardiac arrhythmia or unexplained syncope. The insertable cardiac remote monitor is designed to accurately detects arrhythmias. It offers reliable, continuous arrhythmia monitoring with automatic, daily verification of transmissions; the most efficient solution to minimize workloads; and fast and easy insertion.


Key Facts

  • BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring  offers superior automatic transmissions and evaluation success
  • Precise atrial fibrillation capturing
  • The next level of accurate arrhythmia sensing, detection and remote monitoring
  • Fast, easy and flexible insertion designed with the patient's anatomy in mind

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Biotronik - BioMonitor 2-AF

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