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Behban Shimi - Sayasept-HI 5Lit
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Behban Shimi - Sayasept-HI 5Lit
Behban Shimi - Sayasept-HI 5Lit

Behban Shimi - Sayasept-HI 5Lit

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Product Application
Sayasept-HI is a disinfectant solution that is free of aldehyde, phenol, and halogen compounds. Sayasept-HI is Combination of Ammonium quaternary compound and Biguanide with High effectiveness. It is used for disinfecting critical and none-critical medical instruments. The formulation of this product is in a way that not only it disinfects but also it cleanses and it keeps its effectiveness in the presence organic load and hard water. This product can be used to disinfect surgical, medical, and dental instruments including plastic instruments used in anesthesia, disinfecting and cleansing instruments before autoclave in CSR. 


-Prepare the needed dilution according to the indications.
-Before immersing the Instruments in the solution cleans and separate the parts so that all surfaces are dipped in the solution.
-Considering required contact time and rinse the Instruments after disinfection
-Do not mix the disinfectant with anionic Detergents.
- Replace the old solution with a newly made solution, In case of any obvious contaminations in the diluted solution.


-Free of aldehyde and phenol
- Broad spectrum of antimicrobial activity
-High efficacy at low concentrations and also coast efficient
-No harmful effect on the instruments
-Effective against Mycobacterium tuberculosis
-High cleansing power
-Can be used in ultrasonic cleaner
-Color and odor less
-Stability of the diluted solution up to 14 days.
-Safe for the user and environment


Mode of Action
Quaternary ammonium compounds act through sticking and eventually rupturing of the cytoplasmic membrane and thus remove the contents of the cell. Also, the existing Didesil-dimetil ammonium chloride in this compound is free of a benzene ring and it is much more stable than the classical quaternary ammonium compounds. The combination of Biguanide and quaternary ammonium compound in this product results in a complete coverage of different kinds of microorganisms.

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Behban Shimi
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Behban Shimi - Sayasept-HI 5Lit

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