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Behban Shimi - Percidine RU 5Lit

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Product Application
Percidine-RU is a ready to use sterilant and high-level disinfectant based on stabilized compounds of Peroxyacetic Acid and Hydrogen Peroxide. This product is designed and formulated for sterilization and high-level disinfection of critical and semi-critical medical and dental instruments. Surgical instruments and a variety of scopes which are resistant against oxidant agents can be disinfected by this product in room temperature. 


Percidine-RU is ready to use and does not need to be diluted. Medical instruments including plastic and metal can be sterilized and disinfected after washing and removing the large tissue particles. Immerse the instruments in a container filled with Percidine-RU and close the lid. The instruments will be disinfected at a high-level after 5 minutes and will be sterilized after 30 minutes. It is recommended to wash the disinfected instruments with sterilized or filtered water. The remaining solution can be reused up to 50 times or kept for 14 days at most.
Warning: It is recommended to change the solution if discoloration or dullness and precipitation are seen.  


-Based on Proxycetic Acid and Hydrogen Peroxide
-Contains anti-corrosive materials
-Broad spectrum
-Fast acting 


Mode of Action
The main effective ingredient of Percidine-RU is Proxyacetic Acid which is considered as a one of the chemical sterilant. Proxy Acetic Acid breaks Sulfuryl (H-S) and sulfur (S-S) bonds in proteins and enzymes. Thus, the main component of cells and cell membranes are destroyed by oxidation activity. On the other hand, the proxy acetic acid reacts with molecules containing double bonds and disrupt the osmotic activity of the cytoplasmic membrane lipoprotein by tearing and destructing the cell wall and thus, causing distraction for cell activities. The free radicals produced by Proxyacetic Acid also can act against bacterial endospores. 
Anaerobic Microorganisms due to nonexistence of catalase and superoxide dismutase are very sensitive toward Proxyacetic Acid. 

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Behban Shimi - Percidine RU 5Lit

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