Mectron - Starlight Uno LED Curing Light

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Model: Starlight Uno


A cordless LED curing lamp for flexible use that can be taken from one room to the other. Thanks to its high performance level and the long-lasting lithium-ion battery, it will run for 240 cycles of 10 seconds each in succession. Its output can be checked thanks to the built-in radiometer. starlight uno can be relied on to harden a 2-mm thick layer in only 10 seconds and is extremely light (only 77 g). It provides a choice between two operating modes: “Fast-Curing” and “Slow Rise” (soft start).


Light Spectrum

starlight lamps are effective on camphoroquinone, used as photoinitiator in 98% of the materials on the market. They emit light on a wave-length comprised between 440nm and 480nm with a peak at 460nm.


Operating modes:

  • "Fast" mode: 10 seconds at maximum light intensity, with acoustic signal at the beginning and at the end of the cycle
  • "Slow rise" mode: 20 seconds with a progressive increase of the light intensity reaching the peak within the first 3 seconds, one acoustic signal after 10 seconds and one at the end of the cycle




+ Advantages

1. Low temperature

it does not require a fan as it develops no heat – silent


2. Hygiene

the smooth, continuous and compact surface enables perfect disinfection


3. Processor control

constant light power regardless the charge level


4. Low battery warning

the double acoustic signal is activated when the battery is still sufficient for 6 cycles




  • Starlight Uno handpiece
  • Starlight Uno charger
  • Optical protection
Wave length440-480nm
Unit SizeL190mm, max.Ø21mm
Bleaching HeadNo
Lens Diameter8mm
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من متخصص پروتز هستم و جواب کار من رو به خوبی داده تا الان هرچند یک ماه بیشتر نیست این کالا رو خریدم اما اگر متخصصین ترمیمی که استفاده بیشتری دارند نظر بدهند کاملا کارایی این دستگاه مشخص میشه.

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Mectron - Starlight Uno LED Curing Light

Mectron - Starlight Uno LED Curing Light

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