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CMS Dental - FlashMax P3 Curing Light

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FlashMax P3
The world’s most powerful curing light

FlashMax P3 lights cure all currently known dental materials with a powerful light emission of the required spectrum.
Time saving
FlashMax P3 being the worlds most powerful curing light allows you to reduce chair time significantly.
FlashMax P3 cures any composite in 1-3 seconds per layer. Reduce risk of cross contamination By curing the composite instantly we reduce the risk of cross contamination. It can be a challenge to keep the area dry and moist areas compromises the final result.
Cordless and ergonomic
FlashMax P3 has a convenient pen grip and with its weight of barely 120g it lies well balanced in the hand of the operator. The combination of the instant curing, the cordless device and the light weight offers highly improved ergonomics, reducing the strain on back, arm and hand. 


cms dental


Adjustable tip
The tip may be adjusted +/- 15 degrees for better access. You may choose between the 4 or the 8mm tip.
Pen grip
The best means for precise control is with a pen grip
- so that is what we have!
Docking station
Solid and stable placement of the light in a 360 degree position. A magnetic grip makes it easier to place the light and keep it in an upright position.
Bilateral identical control buttons
How do you treat the upper and lower arches with maximum efficiency? With a rotating tip? No, with a rotating light! You have identical control buttons on either side, so simply rotate the light  for the best angle! The control buttons are still where you need them.
cms dental
Introducing IAF
Intelligent Automated Function
The FlashMax P3 has already proven to be the world’s most powerful curing light. So how could we make it even better? By inventing and introducing IAF - Intelligent Automated Functions. So far all dentists have worked manually.  With IAF that all changes. The double tap is a convenient way to build up larger restorations. The rapid automated function is a continuous fire mode ideal for cementing multiple veneers, orthodontic brackets and other multiple applications.


cms dental



1- FlashMax P3
2- Docking station
3- Click-on protection shield
4- 10 single-use tips 4 mm
5- 10 single-use tips 8 mm
6- 20 single-use covers
7- 10 disposable barrier sleeves (closed)


cms dental


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CMS Dental - FlashMax P3

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CMS Dental - FlashMax P3 Curing Light

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