NSK - NLX nano LED Electric Micromotor

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NLX nano, LED electric Micromotor


A New Generation of Micromotor as well balanced as an air turbine.

The NLX Nano system combines user-friendly ergonomic design with lightweight titanium. The NLX Nano micromotor weighs a mere 61 grams – up to 40% less than competitive units – making it the lightest motor in its class. Smooth, quiet, powerful, and versatile, the NLX Nano feature the market's first LED fiber optic micromotor. The NLX Nano has attachments available for all specialty areas and the system can be easily integrated into virtually any dental delivery system. 


Perfect Balance

The balance of the electric micromotor with attachment has been dramatically improved with the introduction of the NLX Nano. The overall length of the NLX Nano combined with the speed increasing attachment is identical in overall length to a highspeed air handpiece with coupler. The reduction in weight and length of the NLX Nano micromotor lessens hand fatigue and allows for a greater degree of control.


Over 25% Shorter and 20% Lighter

The NLX Nano has been reduced in weight by 20% and size by 25% compared to the current Brasseler
USA/NSK micromotor. Despite its smaller size and lighter weight, NLX Nano is more powerful and offers
the same speed range as the current brushless Brasseler USA/NSK clinical micromotor.


LED Fiber Optics

32,000 LUX of LED generates natural daylight-quality light, which assures clearer vision when compared to halogen light. No other electric motor on the market offers the LED feature. LED light sources are longer-lasting and more durable than halogen bulbs, saving you money.



  • Easy office integration - Any air powered dental unit can operate the system,
    which plugs directly into any 4-hole tubing, allowing the use of your existing foot control.
  • Precision torque control - Maintains a constant speed at variable working pressures, improving tactile feel and handling.
  • Digital speed read-out
  • Adjustable attachment selection
  • Reverse mode
  • Easy speed adjustment
  • Anti-twist tubing
  • Two programmable settings
  • E-Type coupler
  • Autoclavable motor


Micromotor Specifications

  • System: 180° Vector Control System
  • Motor: Sensorless DC Brushless Micromotor
  • Speed: 2,000 – 40,000 min-1
  • Weight: 61g (micromotor only)
  • Torque: Max. 3.4 Ncm
  • Light: White LED


Reduced Size

The NLX Nano motor is 25% shorter and 20% lighter than the current NL400 electric motor. Despite the smaller size, the Nano400 is more powerful. Click the picture below for details.


Improved Balance

The overall length of the NLX Nano combined with the speed increasing attachment is identical in overall length as a high-speed air handpiece with coupler. Click the picture below for details.


System Contents

  • Control Unit
  • Motor
  • Cord
  • AC Adapter (120V)

Reference : NLX nano-WOA

Data sheet

  • NSK
  • Japan
  • Brushless micromotor with LED
  • Type E - ISO 3964
  • 100-40000rpm
  • Optic

Specific References

  • 005711
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NSK - NLX nano LED Electric Micromotor

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