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With the outbreak of the coronavirus in the world and its pandemicization , not only has the human body been exposed to the virus, but also the fear of having the Coronavirus greatly affect their spirits.

With this mind, Team 4 has taken action to design and build 4care H and 4care D devices to combat the spread of coronavirus.

4care H is used to disinfect people and detect suspicious people with corona, and 4care D is used to disinfection people’s belongings.

4care HD is a smart disinfection device is used to disinfect people and their mobile devices when entering public places.

On the other hand, this device is responsible for detecting the suspicious person with corona and preventing him from entering the desired places, thus protecting people against the virus , as well as providing psychological security and reassurance for everybody.



4Care HD can be used at the entrance of public places such as conference halls, cinemas, shopping malls, offices, schools, universities and public libraries, as well as holy places such as mosques and so on. It can be also used to prevent the entry of suspicious individuals.



Options of Care HD

As mentioned, 4care HD is a smart disinfection device have been designed and built by team 4 to prevent coronavirus from spreading. This device has features making it different from common disinfectants. Some of these features include:


Laser Thermometer

 This device is equipped  with laser thermometer providing the measurement of temperature of body of person being on this device and displaying on the screen. If the device detects the suspicious person in higher temperatures than the normal temperature of a healthy person, it declares a danger and by blocking the route, prevents one from entering the desired location.


Ozone Maker

One of the outstanding features of 4Care HD is the presence of an ozone generator in this device eliminating the need for alcohol and other disinfectants. The ozone generator produces ozone gas by performing chemical processes on the ambient air and directs it into the tanks of the device for use.


Smart Rotation

The device is equipped with a weight sensor that not only shows the weight of people  at the end of the disinfection process but also adjusts the speed of the nozzles around the person to cover amount of disinfectant on the body, to reach one hundred percent.


Smart Spraying and Eye Care

The sensors in the 4Care HD make it quite intelligent, so the amount of spray intensity is adjusted according to the weight and height of the person on the device.

On the other hand, by placing the nozzles in front of the person’s eyes, the nozzle being responsible for spraying the head part is cut off in order to eliminate possible damages to the person’s eyes.


Measurement of the Heart Rate and Blood Pressure

In higher version of this device, it is possible to measure vital signs such as heart rate and blood pressure.



By installing 4Care D on this device, it is possible to disinfect people’s mobile devices, such as watches, wallet, credit cards and etc.


Advantages of Using 4Care HD

  •        air conditioner and air freshener
  •        Ozone is a strong and harmless disinfect
  •        The cost of tank filling is zero
  •        Complete disinfection coating
  •        Easy installation
  •        High strength


Reference :

Data sheet

  • 4Company
  • Iran
  • 110-220 v
  • 5 w
  • 40 w
  • 3 تا 7 s
  • 20-25 cc
  • 300 Persons
  • 0.1-10 gr / hr
  • 400 - 50 Cubic Meter/ hr
  • 100 Cubic Meter
  • 50 - 20 dB
  • 250 kg

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Company 4 - 4Care HD Disinfection Device

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