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Biotech Dental - Condor Intraoral Scanners

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Intraoral cameras: a next-generation product

The Condor intraoral camera makes it possible to facilitate and illustrate dialogue with patients and to explain the required treatment plan to them. Furthermore, it facilitates the making of impressions in comparison to the traditional method.


Find out more about the new 3.3 version of the Condor intraoral scanner!
Condor strengthens its position in the intra-oral scanner market and stands out even more thanks to its new features!



  • Improved accuracy (50 microns on complete arch)
  • Real time visualization of missing areas on 3D


User interface

  • New feature: Real time pause
  • Enhanced functionality: Adding Contact


Improved functionality

  • Finishing lines in occlusion guide available for download


New feature

  • Notification system


Always available

  • Sound signals
  • Reorganization of patient files
  • New accessory: sterile transparent sleeve
  • Resizing of 2D and 3D windows during a scan
  • Reboot the current scan
  • Cancel a reconstruction
  • New design of prosthetic sheets
  • Instantly synchronized to the Smilers application
  • Simultaneous export to the suitable format for Exocad application


Compatible with implant-borne, tooth-borne, orthodontic and guided surgery applications, the Condor intra-oral scanner multiplies its technological and innovative values by developing an exclusive link with orthodontic transparent aligner.


A cutting edge technology that will revolutionise the way you work:

  • Ease of use and handling: A very compact ready-to-use scanner system that works with a stroke of a “pen”. Ease of handling: ability to scan in all positions and all directions.
  • Reliability: Limits sources of errors and offers consistent quality. Unchangeable and archivable digital data.
  • Unparalleled precision and practicality: 3D renderings directly in actual colours (TrueColors technology)
  • Time saving: Simplified work resulting in a shortened care session. A system without powdering enhances accuracy for the practitioner and patient comfort.
    No more impression equipment to prepare, no more designs to cast, cut or split.
    File transfers made easy, Condor provides an open system: sends .ply and .stl files
  • Profitability: Eliminates costs associated with preparing, taking and shipping traditional impressions. Cast-free working method promotes cost cutting.

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Biotech Dental - Condor Intraoral Scanners

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