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PDA Occluder

China Made

Made from Nitinol Wire for Optimal Heart Treatment

Superior Elasticity for Easier Delivery 

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MemoPart PDA occluder provides optimal heart treatment on the Nitinol wire and features superior elasticity for easier delivery .



Modified rigidity and flexibility for different types of occluders are designed to meet different clinical requirements.




Special braided mesh structure provides excellent radial strength that ensures ideal configuration after deployment, allows of full cross-sectional orifice coverage, and minimizes operation risk.


Shape and Size

Complete range of occlude specifications can satisfy the most types and sizes of defects.



Safety Is What We Always Care About

Heat–Treated Nitinol Wire

Special oxidization process makes the compact and uniform surface of TiO2 on the nitinol wire. The oxidation surface effectively prevents from the release of nickel ion to guarantees great biocompatibility and long-term safety.



Physical Kneaded Hub Comparing to welded hub, the physical kneaded stainless steel hub is stable, durable and safe to avoid not only the change of nitinol wire’s physical properties, but also the release of harmful ions while welding.



Hubless Occluders

The hubless design is available for most type of occluders to help with easier and better endothelialization.


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Lepu Medical - MemoPart PDA Occluder

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