Soredex - Minray X-Ray Unit - Wall Mounted

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Soredex Minray

Easy Precise Adjustable Intraoral X-ray unit with optimized reach


Strenghts built from experience

• Company tradition of reliability

• High image quality

• Consistent diagnostic results

• DC output for reduced soft radiation

• Simple operating controls

• Easy tube head positioning

• Arm reach can be set to your needs


True diagnostic value

The high frequency constant potential technology improves image quality and is not affected by line voltage fluctuations. The constant potential technology delivers harder, more highly energized radiation and reduces the amount of soft radiation compared to conventional AC generators. MINRAY unit is compatible with all digital imaging systems based on imaging plates (i.e. DIGORA Optime) or sensor technology.


Clear and easy operating controls

Very clear and easy to use

Control panel of MINRAY unit provides pre-programmed exposure settings for adult and child, choice of 60 and 70 kV for optimized contrast, film and digital modes and exposure time range between 0.02 and 3.2 seconds. It’s also easy to choose your own exposure settings and efficiently store them to memory.


Advanced ergonomy

Specially designed tubehead handle makes tubehead positioning precise and easy

MINRAY unit has a steady arm system that allows you to move the arm smoothly and keeps the tubehead motionless during exposure. The tubehead and enables fast and easy positioning.


Versatile arm reach

This unique feature allows the arm reach to be set to your versatile needs

Extendable horizontal arm system of MINRAY unit gives you freedom of choice! You don’t need to choose horizontal arm length in advance. The arm length will be adjusted and fixed at the time of installation in your practice and it can be readjusted later if needed. Extendable adjustment gives versatile arm reach for your practice

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Data sheet

  • Soredex
  • Finland
  • Wall Mounted
  • DC High Frequency
  • 60 | 70kV
  • 7mA
  • -
  • 0.7mm
  • 0.02-3.2Sec
  • 2mm Al
  • 230 V AC
  • Yes

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Soredex - Minray X-Ray Unit - Wall Mounted

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