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Pulpdent - PerioCare Periodontal Dressing

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PerioCare Periodontal Dressing

Periodontal Dressing

Two component material for wound dressing, to cover stitches or to stabilize loose teeth.


For Post Surgical Tissue Management

Does not support the growth of bacteria – Tissues are clean upon removal of the dressing

A highly elastic periodontal dressing that sets resiliently hard and does not chip or fall apart in the mouth. Provides durable protection of tissue. After mixing, PerioCare is ready to pick up with wet fingers in 45-60 seconds. It has a working time of 4-5 minutes and sets in 15 minutes.

  • Patient pleasing
  • Contains no eugenol
  • Neutral odor and taste
  • Does not support the growth of bacteria


Package: 180mL (90mL tube Part 1 paste + 90mL tube Part 2 gel), mixing pad

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Pulpdent - PerioCare Periodontal Dressing

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