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Mectron - PIEZOSURGERY White

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PIEZOSURGERY white is your perfect introduction into bone surgery with PIEZOSURGERY: The PIEZOSURGERY white offers the ultimate in treatment safety, materials especially selected for ease in cleaning, disinfection and sterilization, and cost-effective standard parts for greatest economy.



Touch keyboard

  • Easy to clean
  • Irrigation and power rate chosen by the touch of a finger



Sterile Protection Foils

The exclusive glass display of the PIEZOSURGERY touch can be protected with a dedicated, individually packed, sterile transparent foil. Thanks to these invisible shields, no dirt, scratches or fingerprints will affect your glass keyboard.



Handpiece with LED

  • Swivel-type LED-light can be directed to the insert tip
  • Choice between automatic, and permanent light or switched off

Unique Handpiece System

  • Sterilizable, all-in-one LED-handpiece and handpiece cord system
  • Sterilizable, internal irrigation line, no disposables needed
  • New handpiece cord coupling protected against mishandling



Feedback System

  • Constant and optimal tuning of insert movement
  • Automatically detects if more or less power is necessary and adjusts it accordingly
  • User intervention is simplified to the push of the foot pedal



APC (Automatic Protection Control)

  • Recognizes deviations from standard functioning automatically
  • Stops power and liquid in less than 0,1 seconds
  • Shows cause of the interruption on the keyboard 



Related Treatments:

  • sinus lift technique – crestal approach
  • sinus lift technique – lateral approach
  • implant site preparation
  • mini dental implant site preparation
  • extractions
  • explantation
  • ridge expansion
  • corticotomy techniques
  • bone block grafting
  • bone chip grafting
  • bone modeling
  • endodontics
  • osteotomy close to nerves
  • periodontal surgery
  • implant cleaning



Equipment set:

  • 1 PIEZOSURGERY touch unit
  • 1 LED-handpiece, complete with cord
  • 1 torque wrench K8
  • 1 suitcase
  • Basic Kit




Reference : PIEZOSURGERY White

Data sheet

  • Mectron
  • Italy
  • 3200gr
  • 300mm | 250mm | 95mm
  • Corded - On / Off
  • Touchable
  • 24-36KHz
  • Endo - Perio - Special - Cancellous - Cortical - Implant
  • AC100-240V
  • Optic
  • No
  • Piezo Handpiece + 5 Tips
  • For Endo / Perio: 0-6 (75ml/min) | For Special / Cancellous / Cortical / Implant: 1-6

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Mectron - PIEZOSURGERY White

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