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Jiffy Polisher Variety Pack


​The Jiffy Finishing Line offers a simple, sequential process for achieving the most natural looking finish possible. Using these products in the correct sequence gives a consistently smooth, high-gloss shine and a beautiful finish.

The time and effort you put into to crafting quality, natural-looking composite restorations can be of little use if the composite is not finished correctly. The fine nuances of a restoration can be compromised if you use inferior finishing instruments or skip steps in shaping and polishing your restorations. By using the polishers in the Jiffy Composite Adjusting and Finishing Kit, you’ll be able to efficiently achieve a high-quality, natural finish on all of your composite restorations without getting shortcut results.

  • Excellent for contouring, finishing, and polishing composites
  • Autoclavable
  • Made of abrasive, silicon-impregnated rubber
  • Free of natural rubber latex


  • Green: coarse, Yellow: medium, White: fine


Recommended speed for Green and Yellow Polishing: 7,500–10,000 RPM

Recommended speed for White Polishing: 5,000–7,000 RPM

jiffy polisher variety pack

Reference : UP-841

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  • 012365
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UltraDent - Jiffy Polishing Refill - Cup

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