FGM - Diamond Excel Polishing Paste

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fgm diamond excel

Diamond Excel

Diamond Excel is made with micronized diamond with extra-fine grit (2 to 4 microns) and extremely high hardness to meet the requirements for polishing and shining porcelain, dental enamel, resins, and other restorative materials. It can be used in offices and prosthetic laboratories.

• High hardness of particles for greater polishing power.
• It can be used with all restorative materials.
• Medium viscosity.
• Non-susceptible to the action of heat.
• Does not run off, facilitating handling.
• Versatile: use in the office or prosthetic laboratory.
• Non-toxic, water-soluble ingredients were specially selected to aid in lubrication during polishing (minimizes heat generation during the procedure) and facilitate its removal at the end of the treatment.
• Indicated to polish restorative materials in general, including porcelain with the aid of Diamond or Diamond Flex felt disks and polishing of enamel.
Package: 1 syringe with 2g

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FGM - Diamond Excel Polishing Paste

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