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 NTI - parapulpare Retentionsstifte - TRI - JET
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 NTI - parapulpare Retentionsstifte - TRI - JET
 NTI - parapulpare Retentionsstifte - TRI - JET

NTI - Parapulpare Retentionsstifte TRI-JET

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NTI - parapulpare Retentionsstifte

Prerequisites for use:

  • Adequate amount of healthy, non-carious dentine
  • Sufficient thickness of dentine adjacent to the pulp cavity
  • Place approx. 1 mm from enamel
  • We absolutely recommend the use of a rubber dam
  • Pins and instruments must be prepared properly



Placing the parapulpal pins (refer to picture above):

  • Use the correct size of pre-drill (matching colour-coding). Swiftly drill in to the stop and withdraw the drill in one single action. Speed: 1,000 r.p.m. Inserting the drill into the prepared site and withdrawing it several times widens the aperture excessively
  • Wind the pin in with a contra-angle at a maximum of 750 r.p.m. or using a blue handle.
  • The pin will snap automatically at the break-off point.
  • Place the pins in situ The pins can only be adapted to the anatomy with the correct Pin Bender (matching colour-coding).
  • Reto-Minipin Gold and Titan pins cannot be curved.  Finish the core and filling. To place several pins, repeat the procedure.



  • Additional retention for all filling materials
  • preventing root posts rotating
  • retaining composite cores.


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NTI - Parapulpare Retentionsstifte TRI-JET

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