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Dentatus - Classic Surtex Gold Plated Posts Mini Kit

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dentatus surtex

Classic Surtex

Gold Plated


DENTATUS Classic Surtex Post system is a complete and thoroughly tested system for retention of core materials in endodontically treated teeth. The System consists basically of reamers and specially fitted posts in different sizes and materials. The posts are cemented temporarily or permanently in the prepared root canal. The anatomically shaped reamers and posts correspond to the natural morphology of the root canal. The system is to be used by trained dental personnel only. The Surtex post series offers improved retention and a non-glare appearance due to its texturized surface.




  • 60 Assorted Posts (20 sizes, 3 posts of each)
  • 6 Assorted Standard Classic Reamers (1 RUA of each size, length 28 mm)
  • 1 Hollow Key
  • 1 Cross Key
  • 20 Stoppers


How to use: The preparation is commenced by using the thinnest reamer possible. Step by step, use next larger size until the desired dimensions of the root canal have been reached. Recommended depth is approximately 1/2 to 2/3 of total root length and that approximately 4 mm of the guttapercha is left apically. For upper anteriors, that are submitted to substantial lateral forces, a maximum length preparation and a post in sizes 4, 5 or 6 is necessary. Posterior teeth, that normally are submitted to axial forces, can be prepared for shorter posts with smaller diameter. Preparation depth can be controlled by using the red stoppers on the reamers



The Gold Plated posts are suitable for most retentive purposes, where an economical alternative is required (e.g. in temporary crowns). The Gold Plated posts are made of brass, coated with a thin layer of gold. Be careful when handling the posts, that the coating is not damaged. Exposed brass corrodes in body fluids and may cause unwanted corrosion of the post. This can lead to impaired retention and discoloration of the filling. Discard damaged posts.


Choosing dimension: The appropriate size is a combination of both the given diameter of the reamer, the length of the canal, and the height of the crown. The size number of the post shall coincide with the last used reamer, the length shall be as long as possible without the post head interfering with shape, function and esthetic properties of the finished restoration. Check dimensions to the measuring device on the assortment wheel. The fit in the root canal is checked without rotating the post. The prepared root canal shall be thoroughly cleaned prior to cementation of the post.


Cementing: Can be made with temporary or permanent cements. When cementing, the cement is being applied on the threaded part of the post and in the opening of the prepared root canal. Apply the post in the canal with the Dentatus pliers or with any of the Dentatus Post keys and rotate it gently clockwise until a resistance is noticed and the post is correctly seated. The rotation spreads the cement evenly along the dentinal walls, removes excess cement and eliminates hydraulic pressure. When the cement is completely set, the head of the post can be widened by the cross cut key for extra retention of the core material.

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Dentatus - Classic Surtex Gold Plated Posts Mini Kit

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