GC - Fuji IX Glass Ionomer

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Normal And Fast-Setting Packable Glass Ionomer Restorative

The packable non-sticky consistency of Fuji IX GP makes it ideal to be used in Class V, I & II restorations, as base or as core build-up material. The genuine glass ionomer properties, in combination with the ease of use, ensure that Fuji IX GP can meet all your demands on modern restorative materials.



  • Packable posterior glass ionomer
         - High wear resistance
  • No need for rubber dam
         - Ease of use
  • Intrinsic adhesion to dentine and enamel
         - No etching, no bonding
  • No need for undercutting
         - Tooth-conserving preparation technique
  • Can be used with metal matrices
         - Easy contouring in the cavity
  • Single step placement
         - No need for layering technique
  • Good radiopacity
         - Facilitating post-operative diagnosis
  • Excellent bio-compatibility

As an extra, GC Fuji IX GP FAST offers:

  • Shorter setting time
         - Final finishing after only 3 min. from start of mix
  • Thicker consistency
         - For easy packing
  • Stronger
         - For improved longevity

Specific features of Fuji IX GP EXTRA:

  • Extra fluoride release
  • Extra fast setting yet with ample working time
  • Extra translucency for improved aesthetics

How to use
Along with the advantages for posterior restorations, GC Fuji IX GP is often chosen when the final treatment plan has not been finally decided. Many treatments are possible: a sandwich technique with a composite material, an inlay or simply the glass ionomer filling itself.



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GC - Fuji IX Glass Ionomer

GC - Fuji IX Glass Ionomer

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