GC - Fuji II LC Glass Ionomer Restorative Powder

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Fuji II LC

Light-Cured Resin Modified & Reinforced Glass Ionomer Restorative


GC Fuji II LC has new, smaller glass particles which allow greater density and assures a smoother, glossier, more attractive finish. The harder material offers higher abrasion resistance so the restoration retains a brilliant, longer discoloration-free surface finish.


Nothing rivals GC Fuji II LC Restorative in aesthetics, simplicity and economy when it comes to:

  • Class III and Class V Restorations
  • Cervical erosions/abfraction lesions
  • Root surface caries liner/base


Technical Tips

Select the desired shade; 10 shades to choose from.
Perform cavity prep in the usual manner; then clean with pumice and water; rinse thoroughly and remove excess moisture. Do NOT dry tooth.
Apply GC CAVITY CONDITIONER (10 seconds); then rinse thoroughly and remove excess moisture. Do NOT dry tooth.
Apply mixed GC Fuji II LC to cavity preparation. A simple method is to slightly overfill the restoration, light-cure, then trim and finish.
Form contour with hand instrument. A celluloid strip or clear matrix strip may be used to fashion the contour. Remove after light-curing.
Light-cure for 20 seconds (layering is recommended if over 2 mm).
Finish under water spray using a diamond, 30-bladed bur, or silicone point and finishing paste. GC METAL STRIPS and EPITEX Finishing Strips are recommended for interproximal finishing.


Triple Cure Properties

  • 2 phases of self-curing:
    • Resin mechanical adhesion and glass ionomer, chemical bond
    • Light-curing provides immediate strength and allows immediate finishing


(11 shades) A1, A2, A3, A3.5, A4, B2, B3, B4, C2, C4, D2.


15g Powder.


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GC - Fuji II LC Glass Ionomer Restorative Powder

GC - Fuji II LC Glass Ionomer Restorative Powder

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