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Medicept - XtraCem-P Glass Ionomer

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XtraCem-S Glass Ionomer

Silver Reinforced Cement


Medicept Dental’s silver reinforced glass ionomer improves upon the already strong aesthetic material and adds a silver tin alloy to better both strength and wear properties. The addition of this alloy also imparts an optimal level of radiopacity ensuring the material appears on future patient x-rays.


Features and Benefits

  • Exceptional strength ---> :ong lasting restorations
  • Good Radiopacity ---> Shows clearly under x-ray
  • Packable consistency for ease of handling
  • High level of sustained fluoride release ---> Prevention of secondary caries
  • High wear and erosion resistance ---> Durable restorations
  • Easy mixing to reduce surgery time



  • Class V cavities (particularly erosion lesions)
  • Class III cavities
  • Class I and II cavities in deciduous teeth
  • Class I and II cavities in selected permanent teeth
  • Repair of amalgam restorations when either tooth or restoration has failed
  • Lining under amalgam and posterior composite restorations
  • Core build ups under crowns
  • Repairs to crown margins
  • Long term temporary replacement for cusp(s)
  • ART Technique


  - Powder 15g
  - Liquid 10g

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Medicept - XtraCem-P Glass Ionomer

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