IMD - NiTi M-Taper Rotary File


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imd niti m-taper

NITI M-Taper Rotary File


The Ni-Ti M-Taper files are heat treated using an innovative technology. This allows the files to be pre-bent before root canal treatment. This can facilitate access to difficult and highly-curved root canals. After sterilisation at 135° C they will restore their spirals to their original shape. File length of 25mm.


The Advantages Of Mtaper Niti Files


  • One simple sequence
  • Color marking for easy identification
  • Only 3 files required in most cases



  • Multiple taper offers better debris removal and avoids undesired screw-in effect
  • The convex triangular cross-section minimizes contact with the canal wall



Rounded non-cutting guiding tip avoids over cutting

Reference :

Data sheet

  • IMD
  • China
  • Dx to M3
  • 6
  • -
  • 19 | 25 | 31
  • 3Ncm
  • Protaper File
  • 250-300rpm

Specific References

  • 017511
  • BB246
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IMD - NiTi M-Taper Rotary File

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