Micro Mega - G File

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  • 25mm
  • 3%
  • G1 - 12
  • G2 - 17
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دوان تک طب

G-File advantages:

  • Flexibility due to their small diameters (n°12 and n°17)
  • Slight taper (0.03)
  • Safety and non-working tip
  • Electro-polished surface
  • Enhanced circulation of the irrigation solution
  • Enlarge the canal passageway quickly and safely to the apex
  • Useable in combination with the Revo-S™ system or any other NiTi system


 MicroMega - G-files


G-File protocol:

  • Determine the working length (WL) with a hand file (K-File #10 or 08)
  • The rotating G1 instrument is introduced into the canal, progressing with a slow movement without any apical pressure until the working length has been reached
  • After irrigation, the G2 instrument is used in the same way; then the last hand file is used again to check canal patency and confirm the working length.


Referenece: Micro-Mega.Com

Company Micro Mega
Country France
File Number 12 | 17
Number Of Files In Pakage 4
Taper 0.03
Length 25
Torque range Max. 1.2Ncm
Type Glide Path
Speed of Rotation 400rpm
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Micro Mega - G File

Micro Mega - G File

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