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Euronda - Euroseal Handpress

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Design, quality, simplicity and versatility in only one thermosealing machine.

Transparent polycarbonate cover to allow the possibility of carrying out the sealing procedures with better precision. Double roll holder for the simultaneous use of various sterilization rolls. Adjustment of height and depth of the roll holder in order to adapt to the needs of each single dentist surgery. Integrated support panel to facilitate the sealing procedures and allow to work in a more functional manner. Anti roll return blocking system. Safety system to avoid the burning of the rolls. Visual and acoustic signals during the use.

In full compliance with UNI EN 868-1 and EN 11607-2

Sealing streap: 12 mm

Sealing area width: 310 mm

Weight: 7,1 kg

Dimensions: standard 440x390x315 mm (LxDxH);

with double roll holder 440x390x420 mm (LxDxH);

with wall mounted roll holder 440x300x200 mm (LxDxH).

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  • Euronda
  • Italy
  • 7.1kg

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Euronda - Euroseal Handpress

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