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PD - Rosen Root Canal Cement

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PD Rosen Root Canal Cement

Radiopaque root-canal sealer


Mixed to a paste, this cement provides a very suitable material for permanent root canal sealing and filling. It fulfills practically every criteria as an ideal sealer. It is non-irritant, dimensionally stable,
radiopaque and does not dissolve in the tissue fluids. Moreover it adapts well to the walls of the canal, is easy to shape and to remove.


Due to the presence of precipitated Silver, this sealer can stain and should only be used in posterior teeth.



  • Very suitable material for permanent root-canal sealing and filling
  • Sealer used with all types of endodontic points (Gutta Percha, Acrylic, Silver, Titanium)
  • easy to shape and to remove


Powder Zinc Oxide 41.2 %, Thymol Iodide 12.8 %, Rosin16 %, Precipitated Silver 30 %
Liquid Oil of Clove 78 %, Canada Balsam 22 %


Contains: 15mg powder and 15ml liquid  





Reference : 10250

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PD - Rosen Root Canal Cement

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