Biodinamica - Pulp Fill Sealer
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Biodinamica - Pulp Fill Sealer
Biodinamica - Pulp Fill Sealer
Biodinamica - Pulp Fill Sealer
Biodinamica - Pulp Fill Sealer

Biodinamica - Pulp Fill Sealer

Expired date: 06/01/2024 (2024-06-01)
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Biodinamica - Pulp Fill Sealer


Endodontic Cement


PULP FILL is an endodontic cement, used as intra canal filling material. The liquid and the powder provide one viscose and consistent mixture, which is used as gutta-percha point.
The setting of this cement is because of the reaction between the Zinc Oxide and Eugenol, which in the presence of water produces the zinc eugenolate. The resin improves the characteristics of the mixture and delay the setting time. The radiopacity is optimized by the bismuth and barium salts.
The formulation of PULP FILL is similar to the one developed by GROSSMAN.


PULP FILL was developed seeking to achieve the requests fixed by GROSSMAN, a perfect endodontic cement:

(1) adhesive: should be sticky when mixed, to offer a good adhesion between the point and the canal

(2) perfect sealing: should provide a perfect close

(3) radiopaque: should be radiopaque in order to be viewed in the x-ray

(4) small particles: the powder particles should be very small to be mixes easily with the liquid

(5) do not contract: should not contract after applied

(6) should not stain the dental structure

(7) antibacterial action: should be bacteriostatic or at least, not allow the bacterial growth

(8) should hard slowly

(9) not soluble: should be insoluble in the liquids

(10) biocompatible: should be tolerated by the tissues

(11) possible to be removed: Should be insoluble in common solvents, in case that is necessary to remove the filling material.



  • Bacterial action;
  • Optimal marginal sealing;
  • Easy handling;
  • Easy draining;
  • Mixture more homogeneous;
  • Radiopaque.



1 flask with 12g of PULP FILL Powder;
1 flask with 10mL of PULP FILL Liquid.

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Biodinamica - Pulp Fill Sealer

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