Behban Shimi - Sayasept-HP 5Lit

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Product Application
SayaSept HP is a disinfectant for all types of surfaces of medical and dental units.  it is free of aldehyde, phenol, and halogens based on fifth generation quaternary ammonium compounds, and Biguanides . In addition to being a disinfectant, this product has a good cleaning property as well. 


-Free of aldehyde, phenol and other poisonous and harmful compounds.
-fast acting
-High efficacy at low concentrations and cost efficient.
-No corrosion and harmful effect on the surface used at recommended dilution.
-Wide range of antimicrobial activity
-Color and odor less with High cleansing property
- Safe for users
- In clean and closed containers, the diluted solution can be kept up to 14 days.


Mode of Action
Quaternary ammonium compounds act through adhesion and eventually rupturing of the cytoplasmic membrane and thus remove the contents of the cell.
Also, the existing didecyl dimethyl ammonium chloride in this compound is free of a benzene ring and it is much more resistant than the classical quaternary ammoniums. Therefore, it causes the highest synergistic effect on the germicidal when combined with PHMB.
The combination of Biguanide and quaternary ammonium compound in this product results in a complete coverage of wide ranges of gram positive and gram negative bacteria.

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Behban Shimi - Sayasept-HP 5Lit

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